Laminate flooring is a composite flooring made of melamine resin and high density fiber board topped with photographic image of wood, natural stone or other material and a hard, wear-resistance clear coating and backed with a moisture-resistant vapor barrier. It features photographic images of natural look and feel of hardwood in a low-maintenance and low-cost floor.


Vinyl and Vinyl Composite flooring have an appearance of wood, natural stone or other natural material. They also feature in a water-resistant character to make it suitable for kitchens and bathrooms.

An AC rating is a common term used to indicate the durability level of laminate flooring. These ratings are applied to all laminate floors by an independent body known as European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF). For Examples, a rating of AC3 means the product is suitable for a light commercial application like offices without off-street traffic. A rating of AC5 means the flooring is built for every kind of residential use as well as high-traffic spaces like cafes or department stores.

Yes, all Floortek laminate are approved for use over radiant heat. Refer to the installation, care & warranty guide for detailed instructions. Certain conditions apply.

If you are putting the flooring in over a width or length that exceeds 30’, you have to put in expansion moldings.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a highly popular and sought after wood flooring solution these days and it’s easy to see why.

It’s extremely durable. A good quality engineered wood floor like FloorTek can last a life time and it doesn’t expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood.

Its authentic looking and natural warm feel outstands it to other artificial materials. As a natural material every pieces of the wood will be completely unique. Real wood flooring adds value to your home and makes it a more comfortable living space.

Also wood is a renewable resources. Compare to solid wood, engineered wood is more cost efficient; even though it might looks as if it cost a fortune, it won’t.

Most FloorTek engineered wood floors are approved for use over radiant heat. (Certain wood species like Hickory is not suitable for use over radiant heat). The temperature of the floor must be accurately control within certain range. Refer to FloorTek engineered wood radiant heat instructions, care & warranty when installing over radiant heat for detailed information.

Wood is a natural material that reacts to changes in its environment, so do your wood floor. Keeping the temperature and humidity at recommended level at all time is very important to your hardwood floor. The recommended levels are temperature at 60-80 ℉ and 15-26 ℃ and humidity at 35%-55%. Humidifier is necessary and helpful in cold and dry regions to keep the humidity levels at a comfortable level.

A certain amount of noise is normal in many hardwood floors. Because wood expands and contracts with changes in heat and humidity, the floorboards continually build up small amounts of stress at various places in the joints which are released with small noises, usually when the floor is walked on. That noise – the good ‘crackle’ of a real wood floor – should be random and occasional.

If your floor is making a noise that is regular, constant and always occurs in the same place, you probably have an installation issue. Have your installer examine the problem.

Hybrid Vinyl Composite

Yes, all Floortek WPC and SPC products are approved for use over radiant heat. Refer to the installation, care & warranty guide for detailed instructions. Certain conditions apply.

Although Hybrid Vinyl Composite is waterproof and not susceptible to humidity like wood-based products, it is susceptible to extreme heat. For the best performance of a floating installation, keep the temperature between 65F-85F (18C-30C). If you’re planning to install VCC in areas that experience temperatures outside this range (like sunrooms) a full spread glue-down installation is recommended (the attached pad will need to be removed).

Yes, but the planks will need to be glued in place and the job will require some additional preparation. The attached underlay will need to be removed and the back of the boards cleaned of any residue or debris to ensure a good adhesive bond. You will also need to purchase the flush fitting stair nose for the flooring (available from your dealer).  Please note that the FloorTek warranty does not cover any form of installation. 

Yes. The finish on FloorTek floors contains a UV inhibitor to help minimize the effects of exposure to sunlight but some fading and discoloration may occur over time. To reduce the risk, use shades or blinds to minimize the floor’s exposure to direct sunlight.